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People-related costs-including compensation and benefits-are now the single largest budget items for most companies, propelling HR into a more strategic, integrated role in fulfilling the organization’s overall strategy and goals. But to leverage that new status and make a positive impact, you need specific expertise. The HR Team, a Maryland-based human resources outsourcing firm, is committed to providing expert human resource services and support to a wide variety of industries. Our team of friendly, seasoned professionals has the education, skills, and knowledge to ensure that your organization’s HR department is operating legally, efficiently, and strategically. And with a full spectrum of services available, we’re your one-source alternative to maintaining an in-house human resources department.

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Every service we provide is delivered with the commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations. We take our client relationships seriously and we value the trust you place in us.
Your HR needs and most pressing priorities become our biggest concerns, too. And forget the cookie-cutter approach that other HR firms often take. We bring a holistic approach to HR outsourcing, focused on developing cost-effective human resource solutions that respond specifically to your needs and fit your corporate culture. It’s our great honor to help you create a workplace where your employees are motivated and engaged, resulting in better outcomes and increased profitability. It’s a win-win all the way around.

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Our Mission & Values

The mission of The HR Team is to delight our clients by providing excellent service and quality solutions to support their human resources requirements. To this end, we have established the following core values:

  • Quality control through the establishment of process guidelines and quality standards for each HR service provided.
  • Eliminate duplication of effort, increase efficiency and thereby create efficient, cost effective, affordable HR.
  • Consistent service in everything we do for our clients.
  • Create a new paradigm in HR outsourcing by pioneering new processes, questioning existing solutions, and thinking forward.
  • Embracement of the need for employees to constantly learn and develop, beginning with our own staff.
  • Focus on teamwork and the benefits it brings to every corporate environment.
  • Honesty, integrity and an exceptional work ethic into everything we do.
  • Provide human resources expertise that understands business needs.
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