1. How long has the firm been in business?
    The HR Team was incorporated 1996 and started providing services to small to medium sized businesses in 1997.
  2. How long has your staff been working for you?
    Our employees have worked for The HR Team between 1 and 13+ years, the average tenure is 5 years.
  3. What is your firm’s experience and the experience of your staff working with small to medium sized businesses?
    The HR Team was created to provide human resources services to small to medium sized businesses and not for profit organizations. Since 1996, we have worked with over 300 clients. Everyone who works for The HR Team has had prior work experience with small organizations, and understands their unique nature. We hire staff who understand the correlation between HR and customer service.
  4. How do you protect your client information? Where is my business information being stored? And how is it backed up?
    All client data is stored on The HR Team server. This server is protected by a fire wall; and does not process mail. This increases confidentiality of our client information. Client data is not stored on laptops or home computers.
  5. Have you done this type of project before? How many times? Who can I talk to for references of past work on this type of project? What will the end product look like?
    We have conducted 60 audits, fully outsourced HR for over 100 organizations, compiled over 200 employee handbooks, provided analysis on 15 compensation programs, developed 30 performance management processes, filled 1,000+ positions, and conducted hundreds of hours of training. References are always provided and we love to show off our work.
  6. How do you ensure that your staff is current on the latest HR trends and employment laws?
    In addition to obtaining professional HR certifications, HR Team staff members spend 36-60 hours each year in training and development. We invest in several products including BNA, SHRM and HRA-NCA, and we have a complete human resources library available for staff to access as needed. Additionally, our entire team is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). These resources combine to help us stay current and able to best advise our clients.
  7. What if something goes wrong? What type of and how much insurance for errors, workers compensation and employment practices do you have?
    We are fully covered for errors and omissions, workers compensation and employment practices. In addition, while we are not attorneys, we have insurance that covers any advice that may be construed as legal in nature. Copies of our insurance can be obtained by calling the office.
  8. Do you have client satisfaction and quality control processes? What are they?
    Client satisfaction is one of our core values and performance objectives. Our management team emails, calls and visits clients on a regular basis. In addition, clients who engage The HR Team for projects will receive updates at least 2 times each month.Upon engagement for ongoing HR support, The HR Team creates a client process manual that outlines the organization’s specific needs and procedures. This is used to ensure that should another person need to step into our shoes for any reason, the information necessary to continue to operate HR is organized and easily accessed.
  9. What other services do you provide? And how does this service fit into your business?
    The HR Team provides service based solutions such as ongoing HR, HR audits, compensation work, benefits administration, employee handbook compilation, training, performance management, and some recruiting. To maintain our independence and provide unbiased advice, all of our services are human resources related. We do not sell insurance or payroll products, nor do we accept commission on such products.
  10. What is unique about you? What makes you stand out from others I might choose?
    The HR Team specializes in small to medium sized organizations. In providing these services, we maintain consistent standards among staff and processes. When a company hires The HR Team for a service, the delivery of the service will be the same regardless of team member engaged. Our organization truly operates as a team and the depth of our collective HR experience is available to every client during every engagement. Our dedicated staff works from our Columbia office when not at a client site to ensure that we are available for office calls to assist or consult with our teammates regularly. What makes us unique is our long standing success in delivering consistent, high quality HR solutions and services to our customers.
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