People are unpredictable.
And the best HR solutions aren’t always the same, even for two people in the same situation. Your business is unique, as well, and so are your employees. Their skill sets, needs, wants and personalities are diverse. But how do you manage this diversity and utilize it to the benefit of the organization, while creating an environment that attracts and retains your best people, and doing it all the right way?

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walk this path all alone.

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Welcome to The HR Team — “your” HR Team.

Our completely customized HR services are designed to address your company’s specific needs, implementing those initiatives that will bring you the most peace of mind as well as the greatest return on your investment. By outsourcing your human resource services to our friendly team of seasoned experts, you can free yourself from complex workforce concerns and focus on growing your business.

Someone once said,
“People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”
Applying this to the business world, if you need people, it means your business is growing and that’s a good thing, right? But let’s face it — growth can also have its growing pains. Just when you think you have it all figured out, things change:

  • You get a new client and need a deeper bench. Should you hire a full time, part time or bring in an outside vendor?
  • Industry regulations change and you’re not sure if you’re compliant. Where do you turn without raising a red flag?
  • Two of your employees are at odds and can’t work together. What’s your role in keeping the peace and productivity?
  • Several of your top performers have recently left to work for your competitors. Is it time to evaluate your compensation and benefits programs?

Take a step in the right direction

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Is HR Outsourcing
right for you?

If you’d like to bring order to chaos and experience to unfamiliar terrain, the answer is, “yes!”
For over 20 years, our knowledgeable team of professionals has forged partnerships with companies in a broad range of sizes and industries. We focus on developing strategic solutions that respond to your needs and fit your company culture.  When it comes to HR, we’re sure to become one of your greatest resources and right up there as one of your most trusted advisors.

Angie is pretty incredible.  Our board chair was very impressed with the support provided during our CEO search and transition. What we appreciate the most is that you would never know that she has more than one client.  She is always available when we need her.  She’s very helpful, especially during these organizational changes. She thinks about things for the whole picture.  It’s worked out well for us because she provides expertise when we need it because we don’t need a full-time HR person but we benefit from Angie’s experience and the people of The HR Team.

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“The HR Team has been a trusted partner for Plano-Coudon for many years now. They have helped us to document our HR processes, provide professional HR services to our employees and grow the sophistication of our HR program to match the continued growth of our company. We view the HR Team as an extension of our company and look forward to our continued relationship.”

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“The HR Team provides valuable expertise in all aspects of human resources—recruitment and hiring, policy development, and benefits administration. Their guidance in restructuring Reading Is Fundamental’s core departments and job descriptions has enabled us to become a more dynamic, forward-thinking organization.”

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Pinnacle has worked with The HR Team for a few years now, and they have always gone well beyond the normal customer/vendor relationship. They have become a working partner with us- always prompt in their responses and knowledgeable about HR law and compliance. When we need an immediate response to an issue, they will go out of their way to contact us back immediately to resolve our issue. We appreciate their commitment and look forward to this partnership for many years.

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“The HR Team has provided us guidance and a roadmap to help us move from a service-based company to a technology company. This transition has increased our company’s value, making us more competitive in the marketplace. We look to Kate as our trusted advisor. She has helped us better inspire our people by putting systems in place for giveback and recognition programs, annual reviews and for obtaining employee feedback that have all paid off in dividends.”


“We hired first employee in 2015. From there we grew quickly and needed a cost-effective and scalable solution that could primarily help us with recruitment, onboarding and general HR. I like how The HR Team is flexible and outsourced. They understand my business and they help with employee relations in a fair and equitable way. I view them as an extension of my team and I like that I have control over the expenses based on how much work I choose to outsource to them. I also appreciate the fact that when the first consultant The HR Team sent to us wasn’t the right fit, I spoke to Eileen about it and she took the feedback and set us up with a new consultant that has been with us for over 2 years (and counting!)”

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We found the HR Team several years ago and they have proven to be one of our best “hires” since starting Behavioral Framework. They’ve guided us through both the operational and strategic aspects of growing from 17 employees to 250+. They take the time to understand our company and our unique way of operating. This allows them to make individualized recommendations that fit both the law/regulations and our internal goals and culture. It’s never a cookie-cutter solution to a unique problem. I’d highly recommend them.

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We rely on our provider heavily. She has been a great resource.

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We have had a wonderful first few months with your team. You are very responsive, provide crisp, clear, and concise feedback. You let us know if a schedule is different and are very proactive.” “You stay on top of the latest developments. You have been a great resource and I feel so much better knowing I have this relationship. I never thought I would enjoy HR conversations.

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I have enjoyed working with The HR Team and especially Mariela over the years.  Mariela has been the perfect partner with our company for our HR needs.  My respect and admiration for her are immeasurable and I can’t imagine us without her!

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HR: Fact vs. Fiction
Dispelling the myths.

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