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You probably realize that your people are at the crux of your technology company’s success, and you’ve likely worked hard to build an employee-centric environment. But in truth, technology is vital to the success of almost every company in every industry. So how can you attract and retain your valuable superstars while containing your HR costs? And how can you ensure that your employees remain engaged with their work so that productivity and innovation reign? The HR Team can tailor the ideal HR approach for your organization’s needs, meeting your employee retention goals within your organizational budget. Put our experience to work to facilitate the kind of collaborative environment that inspires imagination and invigorates cutting-edge creativity.

Case Study: Over the course of a four-year period, a scientific consulting firm had employed five different HR professionals, creating a myriad of HR problems and very little effectiveness. The HR Team took over the HR function, including recruitment, policies, and employee relations.  By replacing a six-figure professional, the company was able to recoup an annual savings of $50,000.  As the organization underwent countless ups and downs, The HR Team was able to modify its service delivery model to effectively respond to the client’s changing needs.
Case Study: Following a divestiture, a 1,200-employee global technology-enabled testing and assessment services company needed to convert the predecessor company’s HRIS from PeopleSoft to Ceridian.  The client only had a two-week lead time for conversion and testing, as ongoing transactions were needed in order to process their next payroll. The HR Team provided a two-week conversion of data and a 24-hour turnaround of ongoing transactions.  As a result, the client was able to cut their first payroll as a new entity on time and with minimal interruptions to employees.
Case Study: A newly-formed foreign-based entertainment company with U.S. operations based in New York sought support for their Maryland company, which was separately incorporated. They realized that their U.S-based New York headquarters was unable to provide the necessary ongoing, regular support. The HR Team was initially hired to provide this support one day per week, eventually growing to two days per week.

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"We hired first employee in 2015. From there we grew quickly and needed a cost-effective and scalable solution that could primarily help us with recruitment, onboarding and general HR. I like how The HR Team is flexible and outsourced. They understand my business and they help with employee relations in a fair and equitable way. I view them as an extension of my team and I like that I have control over the expenses based on how much work I choose to outsource to them. I also appreciate the fact that when the first consultant The HR Team sent to us wasn't the right fit, I spoke to Eileen about it and she took the feedback and set us up with a new consultant that has been with us for over 2 years (and counting!)"

"The HR Team has provided us guidance and a roadmap to help us move from a service-based company to a technology company. This transition has increased our company’s value, making us more competitive in the marketplace. We look to Kate as our trusted advisor. She has helped us better inspire our people by putting systems in place for giveback and recognition programs, annual reviews and for obtaining employee feedback that have all paid off in dividends."

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