Why Every Industry Needs To Approach HR Differently

There is no denying the importance of HR in the business world. Any company, regardless of the industry or size, is responsible for the safety and development of their employees. Although a company’s industry is often a significant factor in many core business processes, from an HR perspective it impacts approach, and as a result, the tactics utilized.

What do I mean by approach?

Approach, as it relates to HR, is the way human resources deals with a situation, or the manner in which they implement HR processes needed within a company. The approach an HR rep will utilize differs by industry because issues are usually directly related to the type of work the company is involved in. Therefore, human resources, needs to take into consideration the needs of the various types of people working within a company as well as the vision, mission and goals of the company itself. 

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Examples of How HR approaches differ by industry:

Government Contractors

When working with government contractors it is important to note that many HR practices are controlled by the Office of Federal Compliance Programs (OFCCP). The OFCCP enforces several requirements that government contractors need to be aware of and adhere to.  If these requirements are not fulfilled and the business is audited the company could have to pay upwards of $100,000 and also could lose their federal contracts. Clear communication and understanding therefore must be made a priority across the entire organization. Unfortunately, depending on the size of the contract and the way the law is written these requirements can become complicated. Due to this, HR professionals must be very aware of compliance issues and assure all staff is educated where needed.


HR’s role in the technology industry is crucial. In IT, a business’ success depends largely on the talented employees they have within their company. Product development and innovation only happen when employees are stable and engaged. The IT industry is extremely competitive and companies may have a high turnover rate, which is not practical or economical to support. By understanding this, HR professionals can tailor their approach to focus on the retention of the company’s top talent. HR reps need to inspire and facilitate a collaborative environment, as we know it increases productivity within IT firms.

Non-profit organizations

In the non-profit or fundraising world, where your livelihood depends on the people running the organization, building a solid workforce is integral to success. A non-profit must also seek to get more out of its employees as the yield a company is able to achieve from human resource dictates a company’s performance. Hiring, firing and recruiting are key for human resources to consider when formulating their approach towards working with a non-profit organization.

HR plays a unique role in finding a suitable balance between the interests of the organization and the needs of its employees.  This function does not vary significantly from industry to industry, as all employees are people with different and complex needs. However what does differ, depending on the focus of the business, is the approach required to effectively develop, implement, and manage industry specific HR processes.

Eileen Levitt

Eileen Levitt

As Founder and President of The HR Team, Eileen Levitt attains great personal satisfaction in helping small, mid-size, and emerging companies focus on what they do best: directing business growth and profitability.
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