Why Employees Rely on HR for So Much More Than Their Pay Checks


The role of Human Resources has grown exponentially in the last twenty years. Human resources began as an internal position, usually filled by one employee, who was charged with administering payroll and perhaps, company benefits. Even today, many people still only think of HR as the place where one goes to discuss deductions on a paycheck, paid time off or to inquire about programs such as maternity or parental leaves.

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In the modern day business world, human resources has grown to include a long list of matters relating to the management of an organization’s workforce. Because of the complexity of what human resources now compromises, it is vital to have highly trained and specialized employees head up the human resources department.  In smaller companies, this often means employing an out of house consultant to handle these duties on a regular basis or to be the guide when a transition happens or new responsibilities are added to the human resources function.

Here are five reasons why HR is important to both your employees and the health of your company.

  1. Interpersonal relations – HR professionals help build bonds between people in a workplace. People are social creatures and building connections between the members of your staff will help them feel more comfortable within the workplace and also boost the productivity of your team.
  2. Management – HR professionals can also make sure that the managers of your company have the proper tools, resources and knowledge they need to build a good rapport with employees. It is important that communication lines are left open to answer any questions your employees might have. People need to feel like they are being heard in order to feel content in the workplace.
  3. Training – In order for employees to be satisfied with their work they need to know how to do their job properly. HR professionals ensure that new employees get the proper training so they can excel in their position and feel good about their work.
  4. Development – Employees want to feel like they are growing and being challenged within a position or a company. HR professionals help in creating growth and development plans for your company and its employees to ensure these needs are met.
  5. Conflict resolution – Workplace conflict is inevitable. Given the many different types of people and personalities that are required to run a business, employees are bound to butt heads once and a while. HR professionals trained in conflict resolution can identify the problem, help resolve it and ensure that issues between employees do not get out of control and cause further issues.

HR should play a major role in both the internal and external relations of a company. An effective human resources department employs a number of specialists who focus on certain areas from the above list or serve as exclusive liaisons with employees’, managers, and executives. They assist with intra-departmental communication strategies as well as working with different tiers of management to ensure that managers have the proper tools and resources to work with their staff. These resources may include conflict resolution strategies designed to help manager’s deal with staff morale and the ethical handling of disputes between employees.

Human resources is the business of taking care of people. Businesses that focus on encouraging their employees to build relationships with their HR department experience improve teamwork, engagement and retention.

Karen Warthen

Karen Warthen

Karen joined The HR Team in 2001 and has 20 years of diverse human resources experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. As the Senior Director of Consulting, Karen is responsible for managing client relations, resource planning, service delivery, project work, quality control, and staff development. In addition, she provides senior-level consulting services to our clients.
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