Is Your Company at Risk for Inefficiency or Even a Lawsuit? Follow These 5 Tips to Ensure You Are Set Up for Success

It’s no secret that consistent processes and employee record-keeping help keep business organized. Yet many companies neglect these aspects of HR administration. So what can you do to facilitate better organization?

Consider your current processes – do you have the following processes defined?

  • How to conduct interviews: Are guidelines established and provided to all hiring managers?
  • How to make an offer of employment: Is there a standard template? Who is authorized to provide written employment offers?
  • How to prepare for a new hire: Who is responsible for making sure the tools such as computers, phones, keys, etc. are prepared for a new hire before they start? Do managers know how to plan for a new hire?
  • How to conduct a new hire orientation: What are the standard documents, resources, and tools provided? Who is involved in the orientation?
  • When to add employees to a health plan (or other package benefits): What is the procedure?
  • What to do when an employee leaves the company: Is there a defined exit plan? Are managers aware of the plan?

These are some of the common recurring processes that slow down business operations if they aren’t clearly established, communicated, and understood by all relevant staff.

Be proactive with HR-related documentation and minimize the risk of lawsuits filed against your company. Documentation almost always benefits business if it’s organized, up-to-date and utilizes examples to bring additional clarity. To keep things running smoothly, HR staff should keep consistent documentation for such things as:

  • Promotions and job changes
  • Absences
  • Verbal warnings
  • Discipline and termination

Clear processes understood by all employees contribute to more efficient and effective business operations. If you don’t have a defined HR department or you’re unsure where to start, consider the proven insights and strategies of an experienced HR consultant. Establishing and communicating these processes require time and resources up front, but your investment will yield results for years to come. 

Eileen Levitt

Eileen Levitt

As Founder and President of The HR Team, Eileen Levitt attains great personal satisfaction in helping small, mid-size, and emerging companies focus on what they do best: directing business growth and profitability.
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