Four Ways to Win: A Strategic Approach to HR

Do human resources play a key role in your business strategy?

It’s time to think beyond traditional human resources as administrative functions. Smart businesses know that HR is integral to their strategy because it holds unique influence within the workplace. When done well, strategic HR application has the power to revitalize the workforce and help to achieve business goals.

Most companies claim to think strategically. Unfortunately, many shortsighted businesses confuse tactics with strategy. Tactics are specific, one-off actions used to achieve an objective. On the other hand, a strategy is a comprehensive business plan that includes operational patterns, activity, and decision-making that leads to tactical execution. Companies that embrace strategic thinking have the upper hand because they embrace long-term thinking. They know that qualified HR expertise and insight is essential to successful business outcomes. 

Many companies turn to a professional HR consultant after experiencing internal problems for some time. Sometimes the problems seem small enough to handle without the help of an outside professional. By the time they call in the experts, the problem may have evolved into a crisis!

Fortunately, experienced HR consultants know how to execute strategic solutions for companies struggling to remedy problems. Strategic application of human resources results in:

1.     Decreased employee turnover: properly applied HR strategies ensure that  strategic recruiting and retention processes are created that fit the organization.

2.     Happier employees: strategically applying smart HR insights into different areas of the business tends to improve employee engagement throughout the company.

3.     Increased operational efficiency: HR experts have the experience and insight to develop consistent company procedures and practices. Businesses with clear processes in place lose far less time to communication mix-ups and employees who understand their organizational practices spend less time trying to track down or follow inconsistent procedures.

4.     Increased revenues: outside experts have unique insight to identify opportunities for improvement. Decreased turnover, happier employees, and greater efficiency tend to add up to greater revenue.

Strategic business plans facilitate the success of a company vision and mission. Since success depends on the actions of a company’s employees, it only makes sense that human resources play a vital part of an overall business strategy. By applying expert HR insights to a strategic plan for the entire company, businesses solve their pain points and experience more benefits than they ever expected.

After all, decreased employee turnover, happier employees, increased operational efficiency, and increased revenue seem like pretty conclusive rewards, don’t they?


Eileen Levitt

Eileen Levitt

As Founder and President of The HR Team, Eileen Levitt attains great personal satisfaction in helping small, mid-size, and emerging companies focus on what they do best: directing business growth and profitability.
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